Collective: A New Name A Stronger Vision

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At the turn of 2023, Collective rebranded from their previous Alliance Management Group name, utilizing the new name as a way to better represent their mission in creating communities and serving their residents.

A Personable Approach To Property Management

In providing dwelling places for people, the industry of property management is naturally an intimate business—that’s why the team at Collective approaches every situation with a service mindset that helps them build a collective community of people. Meet Nate Nelson and Quinne Meslow, two team members at Collective who are passionate about serving the community by providing beautiful living spaces.

“Our approach at Collective is different from the mainstream way in that we focus on doing the right thing and working with our residents based off their feedback to find the best solution,” Meslow said. “We do our best to let them know that we care and understand that our communities are their homes—they’re more than just a rent payment to us.”

An inside look at the Whispering Creek Apartments in South Fargo, one of Collective’s newest community additions

As a Community Manager at Collective, Meslow works to build lasting relationships with residents, helping build a sense of belonging and community. One of the ways she is able to do this is through hosting resident appreciation events, focusing on property upkeep, and frequently visiting properties, ensuring every resident’s needs are met. Through that, she has been successful in creating trustful relationships with Collective’s residents.

The team at Collective has been in the resident’s shoes before; they understand how overwhelming finding the perfect home can be. That’s why as a Maintenance Technician, Nelson strives to ease any anxieties around moving and settling into a new home, ensuring everything in the home is running smoothly and no needs are left unmet or unanswered. “All of our team members have rented a home at one point—we take our personal experiences and use them as tools to relate to potential residents,” Nelson said. Collective’s wide variety of homes helps a wide range of needs and they want to give potential residents options that best suit their desires.

Q&A with Nate & Quinne

5 Things Collective Is NOT

1. We are not transaction

We want to get to know you and help you find a place to call home that fits your needs.

2. We are not a typical corporate company

We want to build relationships with our residents.

3. We are not hands-off

We deliver proactive customer service while making an impact in all the communities that we serve.

4. We are not Impersonal

We genuinely care about our residents’ concerns and well-being, and we make that known from the start.

5. We are not opposed to new and innovative ways of conducting our organization

We welcome any kind of feedback from our residents, vendors, and team members within Collective to conduct ourselves in the best way possible.

Negative emotions and bad communication from many large rental companies can leave residents feeling overwhelmed and frustrated—what positive emotions are you aiming to deliver to each of your clients?

Nate: We are building an organization that focuses on trust, belonging, and doing what’s right. Our values drive every interaction we have with customers, vendors, and other leaders in our community.

Quinne: Without [our residents], and the leaders within our community, there would be no Collective. Our sole purpose is to serve them as best as we can. They deserve to live in a community they can be proud of, and with a management company that treats them like family.

How do the values and mission of Collective enhance your role?

Quinne: As someone who has worked for another property management company in our area, joining the team at Collective has been a breath of fresh air. Here at Collective, we are a tight-knit organization that educates and empowers our team members, along with hearing out any new ideas that may be presented to us. We’re open to doing property management differently, and I believe that’s one of the many characteristics that set us apart.

What are a couple of ways you’re building relationships/community with clients?

Nate: We recently had a resident appreciation event at our Southport Heights office where residents could come in and help themselves to snacks, had drawings for gift cards, and could come in and meet the team. This was such a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing to serve our residents in the future.

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