Human Skills Are More Relevant Than Ever

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This is the most relevant Dale Carnegie has been in 100 years, and research backs it up. With the changing marketplace, increased focus on automation and Al, and teams coming together face-to-face again, interpersonal and people skills are more vital than ever to achieve a competitive edge and build a healthy, adaptable and high-performing workforce.

There’s no question that people are social creatures. To be truly happy and healthy, we need connection with friends, family, and significant others, and our coworkers, clients and business partners. However, over the last couple of decades, we have become increasingly cut off from those around us; phones, tablets and televisions have served as the largest blockades and the COVID-19 pandemic greatly fortified the walls keeping us apart.

For those in the business community, unless addressed, these rising barricades and associated stressors really damage bottom lines.

Dale Carnegie Training of ND and MN is here to help make sure this transition back to REAL normalcy positions their clients to be more proactive, versatile, innovative, and healthy for the long-run. We can accumulate knowledge from anywhere, but Dale Carnegie Training makes sure we turn that knowledge into time-tested skills, vetted and proven through research and case studies, while stretching comfort zones and achieving excellence.

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What are some of the things Dale Carnegie of ND and Northwest MN offers?

The Dale Carnegie Course

The course is focused on building relationships, interpersonal skills, communication, confidence, selling ideas, and managing stress.

Leadership Training for Results

This training is designed for executive and senior-level leaders to step back from the weeds and elevate strategy and performance outcomes through their teams.

Develop Your Leadership Potential

This is for people new to leadership roles or emerging leaders to prepare them for success through enhanced self-awareness and skills to navigate the tough conversations, team toxicity, and bring out the best on their teams as influencers.

High Impact Presentations

These presentations are focused on the art of storytelling, presence, and elevating the ability to communicate authentically in the most memorable and compelling way for any audience (think leading a meeting, presenting to clients, and even speaking on a stage).

In House Training and Customized Solutions

Even before bringing in facilitator(s) to deliver a training, they take the time to collaborate, evaluate, and align on the vision for performance outcomes and business results. They often walk alongside learning and development departments and human resources to hit the mark–they are not replacing resources, rather enhancing capacity and results through their expertise.

The length of these programs varies from business to business; however, the majority of in-house training is built in a time-phased format to ensure teams can practice skills between sessions which are typically scheduled for a minimum of 2-hours and delivered either weekly, biweekly or monthly. The format and length of the solution is specific to each client’s current needs, investment range, and staffing demands.

“Our level of content and delivery customization for clients is versatile – in some cases, we’re facilitating the Dale Carnegie Course in-house with a team onsite at a client’s location using industry lingo and real workplace scenarios for skill development. In other cases, we’re learning the internal acronyms and language in-depth along with the cultural nuances, organizational structure, and team dynamics before we facilitate. This allows us to become more fluent, connect more efficiently and deliver the most relevant experience,” explained Berkeley.

Digital Options

Forget what you know about online training and picture a virtual instructor-led training room which features fast-paced exercises, engaging exchanges in breakout rooms, and the same practice and reporting as our in-person programs with our live online training solutions.

Dale Carnegie has also launched Dale Carnegie Unlimited – a holistic and scalable learning experience customized to meet your team where they are at in their learning journey and empower top-tier organizational performance through actionable, collaborative and highly engaging online learning journeys led by live instructors.

What is Dale Carnegie Training of ND and Northwest MN?

Dale Carnegie Training of ND and Northwest MN is one of the 200+ franchises around the world, and locally they’ve been going strong for over 20 years. They are equipped with full-time team and a number of 1099 Certified Trainers growing and retaining their team throughout the pandemic, a rare feat. The local team works with some of the largest employers in our region to exceed the demands of today’s competitive landscape.

What would you say is the ‘Dale Carnegie difference’ when compared to other Training?

“We create transformational experiences where individuals, teams and organizations develop the skillset and mindset to achieve results. Dale Carnegie provides coaching and proven tools for what we do and how we do it plus who we are. That emotional change combined with behavior change enables participants to have much greater impact in their teams, organizations, and communities.” -Michelle J. Wall, Master Trainer

Who Can Take Command?

If you want to check the box and have a standard, pre-packaged training, Dale Carnegie Training ND & NW MN is NOT for you. If you want real development with lasting, measurable results from a team of experts, the local Dale Carnegie Training team is for you.

Anybody can take advantage of what Dale Carnegie has to offer.

Enroll as an individual or an entire company! Reach out for questions or more information on team rates.

Dale Carnegie Service Map2
Dale Carnegie Service Map2

How do I get ahold of them?

Head to:
Facebook: @dalecarnegieNDMN
Instagram: @dalecarnegiendmn
Reach out at: [email protected]