Modern Commercial Design, Reimagined

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Moorhead, MN’s First International Bank & Trust by Interiors by Design takes modern bank design to a new level

When First International Bank & Trust approached Interiors by Design for this interior project, they knew they wanted something that broke far beyond the bank interiors of yesteryear. “We knew we didn’t want our space to be ostentatious,” they said. More specifically, the banks of yesteryear were full of marble floors and walls which lent a very sterile and cold look and feel. The team at First International Bank & Trust wanted a warm and clean line design that wouldn’t look overdone, but rather very classy with a timeless feel—and the Interiors by Design team pulled through. Take a walk through the newly designed spaces and notice how the timeless design shines throughout.

Commentary from Dave Pankow, SVP/Director of Real Estate and Construction, FITB

With high-stretched ceilings and a stone fireplace for clients to relax at, the main lobby feels warm and comfortable without compromising a professional tone throughout. The jade-green saddleback leather chairs are the perfect touch that completes this timeless feel.
With large floor-to-ceiling windows, bankers and clients can comfortably visit in a naturally-lit environment, ridding of the harsh florescent lights of the past and instead adding a sense of life and airiness to the space, lifting the mood.
Double wooden doors open to a large conference room. Tucked beside each of the doors are beautiful, tall wooden cabinets filled with rustic accent decor and greenery for a pop of color. The bison wall art matches the tones perfectly while providing an essence of the badlands.

"Interiors by Design knows our company’s story, they know how important our customers are to us, they know it is all about family at FIBT, and they know we want our customers to feel at home when they walk through the doors of our banks. From the start of the design process on each project, it is Interiors by Design’s ability to guide us through the project so FIBT can achieve the level of warmth we want our customers to feel when they come to do business with us."

Stone accents and larger-than-life wall art complement the spaces throughout the bank, giving each area a unique feel while keeping the whole concept tied together.
The hallway leads to the breakroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall to interact with team members as they pass by. The break room leads to an outdoor patio, perfect for summer grilling and company potlucks. Inside, a live edge sitting island gives a seamless, modern feel to the space, perfectly accented by Nordic wooden high chairs. Appliances are built seamlessly into the cabinetry, giving a sleek look throughout. The Edison bulb chandelier sets the perfect ambiance throughout the room.

"The best quality that I see with the Interiors by Design team is their demeanor. The conversations are always easy, they are inclusive, and they make you feel very comfortable. There has been no question as to quality. They truly deliver a great product."

The cherry on top is this client meeting room, with parallel glass walls on each side, allowing for a sense of openness and natural light while maintaining a more personalized feel with darker, classic tones running throughout. The leather chairs are stylish, yet functional and comfortable, and the backlit collage-styled shelves are a sight to behold—a perfect mixture of warm wood tones and open marble shelves for decor, vintage one-off pieces, and a cocktail mixer station.

The Finished Result: Feedback from Team Members and Clients

“Feedback is an amazing driver that pushes FIBT to think out of the box to constantly bring a continuously better experience for our customers but also a great work environment for our staff,” Pankow said. “From a staff perspective, I have heard it described as feeling blessed; they love walking into the building every day.”

“The best experience with customers within the last year was the grand opening of a new bank in Sioux Falls, SD. We purchased an existing building on the outer edge of the downtown area. We worked with Kelly at Interiors by Design through the whole process, and in the end, created something that is extremely special. At the grand opening, I purposely removed my name tag after the ribbon cutting to walk through the space, which was filled with over 300 people, and listened. I just walked around and listened to all our customers and community members speak about the amazing look and feel of the location. At that point, I knew, that again, we hit the mark.”

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