Nonprofit of The Month: Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area

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Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area

Nonprofit organizations are oftentimes overlooked in the community due to a lack of promotional funds and advertising, amongst other reasons. To help spread awareness of these efforts being made, we feature a local nonprofit in each issue that we believe deserves a spotlight shined on the great work that they’ve done and continue to do within the community.

Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area is a nonprofit community-based volunteer organization. Rebuilding Together is dedicated to helping low-income homeowners in Bismarck and Mandan, ND live in warmth, safety, and independence. I connected with Mark Haag, President of the Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area Board, to discuss the organization’s history and original intentions, its ever-growing team, how readers can get involved, and much more.

Founded in 1997, Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area started with a clear mission: to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods. “Rebuilding Together Bismarck Mandan is a nonprofit community-based all-volunteer organization. We are the only nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing free home repairs to homeowners in need, with no cost to the homeowner,” Haag said. This vision was born from the recognition that many homeowners, due to physical or financial limitations, were unable to maintain their homes.

The journey has been nothing short of remarkable. “We’re part of a larger network of over 200 nationwide Rebuilding Together organizations, rooted in a small Texas community’s efforts back in 1973,” Haag said. These efforts gained national attention, evolving into a year-round mission of helping neighbors and strengthening communities.

In 2023 alone, the organization rebuilt 20 homes with the aid of 144 volunteers, accumulating over 1,794.5 hours of labor. “This doesn’t even include the countless hours our board members volunteer daily,” Haag said. The organization’s impact is profound, having mobilized 6,850 local volunteers and raised over $1.4 million in support, rehabilitating around 190 homes and nonprofit sites in the community. Looking ahead, 2024 will be Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area’s 27th year impacting our local community.

The Roots of Rebuilding Together

“Rebuilding Together’s roots date back to 1973 when a small group of people in Midland, TX, realized a growing need in their community. Homes in their community had fallen into disrepair and their neighbors could not afford to fix them on their own. The group volunteered their time and skills to rehabilitate the homes of their neighbors. News of the group’s good work spread slowly, but eventually achieved national recognition. The mission spread beyond the idea of providing service once a year to bringing together partners from all walks of life to help our neighbors year-round. The national office opened in 1988 and became ‘Rebuilding Together.'”

– Rebuilding Together Website

What sets Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area apart is its commitment to providing services completely free of charge to homeowners. “Our goal is to revitalize our community and ensure everyone lives in a home that is warm, safe, and dry,” Haag said. The organization tailors its services to low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly, disabled, veterans, and families with children.

“We provide a variety of home repairs that include, but are not limited to, carpentry, plaster repairs, interior and exterior painting, window and door repair, replacing flooring, plumbing, electrical, replacing old appliances, and installing accessibility devices and ramps,” Haag said.

Donors can rest assured that their contributions go directly toward a range of home repairs, from carpentry to installing accessibility devices. Haag encourages community involvement in various forms, from financial donations to volunteering on Rebuilding Day. “There are plenty of volunteering opportunities, available at our website, if people would like to assist Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area in ways other than monetarily,” Haag said.

“Even liking and sharing posts on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram makes a difference. Sharing posts and telling people about our organization’s mission goes a long way.”

There are numerous ways to support this incredible nonprofit beyond financial contributions. Community members can volunteer for the upcoming Rebuilding Day in May 2024, join the board as a board member, donate new items (such as tools and materials), and participate in upcoming events by Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area.

Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area stands as a testament to the power of community, compassion, and collective effort. Through the tireless work of volunteers and the generous support of donors, this organization continues to make the Bismarck-Mandan area a better place, one home at a time. For more information on Rebuilding Day and the upcoming Bowling Fundraiser and Silent Auction, learn more at their website and get involved today!

Volunteering with Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area

Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area has two volunteer opportunities for board members of all skill levels:

  • Serve on a House Team and help with volunteer-friendly work. This work could include anything from interior/exterior painting, installing ADA grab bars and handrails, working on a wheelchair ramp, installing a fence, and much more.
  • Serve on a Rebuilding Together committee. Committees include grant writing, house selection, social media, fundraising, etc.

About Rebuilding Together’s Bowling Fundraiser and Silent Auction

Join Rebuilding Together for a delightful afternoon at our Bowling Fundraiser and Silent Auction on February 24, 2024. This year’s theme is ‘Dress for a Luau,’ so bring your tropical spirit! The funds raised will significantly contribute to their Rebuilding Day home projects, scheduled for May 10, 2024. Additionally, they are accepting donations for our Silent Auction, so please consider contributing items valued at $25 or more! And don’t miss out on their 50/50 Raffle—it’s always a crowd-pleaser! Your support and participation are key to making this event a success. Register your team today by getting in contact with Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area.

Upcoming Events!

Mark your calendars for the Bowling Fundraiser and Silent Auction on February 24, 2024, and the much-anticipated Rebuilding Day in May. These events not only raise crucial funds but also bring the community together in a shared mission of rebuilding and revitalization.

Rebuilding Together Today

“Rebuilding Together provides assistance for people who own their homes, but because of physical limitations or income, properly maintaining a home can be an impossible task. Typically, these individuals have a disability and/or are elderly. Many of our neighbors in the community cannot provide themselves with even the basics we take for granted. Typical home improvements include replacing floors and carpeting, improving plumbing and heating, replacing unsafe electrical wiring, replacing kitchen appliances, installing handicap-accessible devices and ramps, painting (exterior and interior), plaster repairs, replacing or repairing drafty windows and doors, installing smoke and CO2 detectors.”

– Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area Website

Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area By The Numbers

Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck Mandan Area has raised more than $1,400,380 in grants, donations, and gifts, with more than 6,850 local volunteers pitching in to help rehabilitate approximately 190 homes and/or area charitable nonprofit sites throughout the Bismarck-Mandan community. In 2023 alone, 144 volunteers became involved in rebuilding 20 homes, which is 20 families’ lives that were changed for the better.
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