Pavewise is Paving the Future of the Asphalt Industry

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Bryce and Brittany Wuori are aiming to push the asphalt industry to new levels by incorporating technology that could change the construction landscape entirely. After meeting on the Missouri River, Brittany and Bryce soon married and have since gained significant experience in the industry through a multitude of business ventures whilst supporting one another

Bryce has been in the paving industry for 17 years as a consultant and project manager, among other positions. They’ve both always had a passion for promoting new technologies, with Pavewise representing yet another step in their journey. I sat down with Bryce Wuori to discuss what led them to develop their forward-thinking platform Pavewise, their goals and ambitions with the platform, future plans within the industry, and more.

The Birth of Pavewise

Founded in 2019 by Bryce Wuori, a seasoned consultant with a passion for efficiency, Pavewise has emerged as a unique and pioneering force in the field. Together with his partner in business and life, Brittany Wuori, the two have created a comprehensive software platform that tackles the challenges faced by contractors, revolutionizing the way road construction projects are planned and executed. With a focus on integrating weather data, optimizing project schedules, and prioritizing employee well-being, Pavewise stands at the forefront of innovation in the industry. In this article, we will delve into the history of Pavewise, explore its groundbreaking platform features, and gain insights from Bryce Wuori himself on the journey and future of the company.

Bryce’s journey with Pavewise began in 2018 when he embarked on a mission to address the quality issues in paving projects caused by weather and other variables. Drawing upon his extensive consulting experience, Bryce began to develop the Pavewise software. When the business was formally launched, Bryce, together with Brittany as the COO, set out to build a platform that catered to the core needs of contractors, striving for efficiency and effectiveness. After identifying the industry’s struggles and adapting to the ever-changing landscape, Pavewise gained considerable traction, earning recognition for its successful software and consulting services.

“I began developing the software in 2018, but the business itself was founded in 2019. That’s when we started researching and building out a platform to test. After seeing what the contractors’ biggest issues were, we made a few pivots with the technology based on those core needs. We spent the first four years identifying the biggest struggles and needs to be as efficient as we could be for the clients since we knew that nobody else would have software like this. It was a crazy few years, especially during COVID, but we’ve gained a lot of traction since launching. The Pavewise software that we’ve built and used to assist with consulting has been very successful,” Bryce said.

Bryce is far from a one-man show when it comes to Pavewise, however. Brittany, the COO of Pavewise, balances work and life with her husband and business partner. While business can be tricky with multiple partners, Bryce stated that they work well together in the toughest of situations.

Did You Know?
Pavewise has run upwards of 27 projects through its unique software. In 2022 alone, they ran it on two large projects, one worth $7 million and the other worth $27 million.

“We work very well with one another. I tell people that I’m the dreamer and she’s the more realistic person. I tend to come up with some crazy ideas and she usually grounds me. She’s more of the foundation, running the business and handling the finances, but we’ve been side by side the whole time,” Bryce said.

While Pavewise has been an experimental business venture in progress for years, it wasn’t until earlier this year, in January, that they made the decision to pursue it full-time. When the consulting began to grow and people wanted their assistance all over the nation, they couldn’t satisfy everybody.

“I owned a construction company in Bismarck, 3WI, LLC, and I have my consulting company, Wuori Consulting, that I gave up to pursue this software. While those were our steady incomes, we took a risk by selling them to pursue Pavewise. I’m glad we did because it’s been absolutely crazy since we went public with this software,” Bryce said.

Pavewise’s Platform Features

Essentially, Pavewise’s operations are how Bryce already conducted business, except now with the integration of accurate weather data and decision trees. By incorporating weather conditions into project schedules, contractors can plan their work with precision, optimizing efficiency and ensuring higher-quality results. With the ability to predict weather conditions up to two weeks in advance, Pavewise empowers contractors to adapt their schedules and allocate resources effectively. For example, if unfavorable weather conditions arise in one location, crews and equipment can be seamlessly relocated to keep projects moving forward without significant downtime.

“We have a handful of big contractors set to run the integrated program over the summer. Prior to the integrations, I was doing a lot of data input as the manager. We put it on an AI platform where it takes the data and runs it through the decision trees that I’ve made. Rather than inputting that the weather is 60 degrees, it automatically knows that. A lot of people weren’t building schedules and planning work around those factors, which impact the quality of the roadwork. One of the first things we did was build out projects’ schedules around weather conditions. Ultimately, the software helps teams be more efficient,” Bryce said.

Bryce explains that advances in weather tracking technology have made it increasingly accurate and predictable. Pavewise uses this improved accuracy to plan construction schedules up to two weeks in advance based on weather forecasts. This allows contractors to adjust their plans accordingly, for example, by accounting for days with low efficiency due to snow or rain. This approach ensures projects are completed efficiently and with high quality. Wuori provides an example of a contractor they collaborate with, who has crews in Fargo, Dickinson, and Bismarck. If it rains in Bismarck for two days, the affected crew and their equipment move to another location to assist other crews, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

“We keep the variables within control as consistent as possible, but production oftentimes depends on the weather, asphalt plant production, logistics of the trucks, moisture in the aggregates, and subcontractors’ schedules. However, we do also have constants in there that don’t change, such as the certain type and amount of asphalt. We build a baseline based on those constants and track the dynamics to make sure they stay within an optimum limit to up success,” Bryce said.

Pavewise’s Key Features

  • Project Location Mapping
  • Project Pin Drops, Descriptions, and Haul Route Information
  • Project Location Sharing
  • Dynamic Weather Tracking
  • Current and Future Condition Notifications
  • Project Specific Details including Goals, Team Members, and Equipment for Every Project
  • Resource Catalog and User Help Center Providing Professional Support

However, Pavewise goes beyond weather integration. The platform also focuses on the well-being of employees, recognizing that their health and happiness directly impact project performance and quality. Employees check in daily and rate their mental health and happiness on a scale of one to five. If any concerning trends are identified, corrective action is taken to address potential burnout or unhappiness. By effectively communicating and understanding the mental health of employees, contractors can avoid detrimental situations and foster a more supportive work environment.

“Employee health directly affects the performance output and project quality. Another feature within the Pavewise platform focuses on the well-being of the employees and their mental health. We care about the health of the employees because we know that it’s hard work and long hours,” Bryce said.

Employees can check in daily and rate their mental health and happiness on a scale of one to five. If they check in at a ‘one’ or ‘two’ for two consecutive days in a row, corrective action is taken to ensure that contractors know there’s a problem if employees are getting burned out or unhappy. If an employee is getting burnt out, they’re given a break to reset before they fall further into a rabbit hole of work burnout.

“If you give them a few days off, they’ll come back refreshed and ready to give it their all. Honestly, if there’s one thing that I can get out of building this program, it’s tackling that issue within the industry. It’s important to make it a little better for employees and communicate their mental health effectively so that contractors can understand their breaking points and avoid them,” Bryce said.

Furthermore, they have integrated Google Maps into the Pavewise software to allow for project locations to be mapped out digitally with notes placed wherever is needed. According to Bryce, companies across the United States have been reaching out to them in search of this software solution, as there are very few other options as efficient in this industry currently.

“We’re one of the first to be doing this and we’re breaking ground across the country, so it’s very fun and exciting. We’ve taken on some big investments and are building a team to promote this and get fully integrated into the market and industry by 2024,” Bryce said.

Pavewise’s Ambitions And Future

With its early successes and growing demand for its software, Pavewise has ambitious plans for the future. Bryce Wuori, together with his dedicated team, aims to build upon their momentum and expand the company’s reach. As Pavewise gains recognition in the asphalt industry, they are actively seeking a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to bolster their management and software expertise. By strengthening its team, Pavewise aims to accelerate its integration into the market and industry by 2024.

Upcoming projects and partnerships are already shaping the company’s path forward. Collaborations with prominent contractors in North Dakota, Wyoming, Florida, and along the East Coast demonstrate the growing interest in Pavewise’s software. Their goal is to work closely with both larger paving companies and smaller enterprises that need more expertise. By forging partnerships and offering innovative solutions, Pavewise strives to improve road systems, enhance efficiency, and save taxpayers money.

The Wuori’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Bryce and Brittany Wuori’s entrepreneurial journey with Pavewise has been a testament to their dedication and passion for driving positive change in the asphalt industry. Together, they have overcome challenges, embraced innovation, and built a company that is reshaping the way road construction projects are executed

Throughout their journey, the Wuoris have emphasized the importance of collaboration and learning from others in the industry. They actively seek feedback from contractors, employees, and industry experts to continuously improve their software platform. By incorporating realworld insights and staying connected with the needs of their users, Pavewise remains agile and adaptable in a rapidly evolving industry.

Beyond the software platform, Pavewise also offers consulting services to assist contractors in optimizing their operations. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, the team at Pavewise provides tailored solutions and guidance to address specific challenges contractors face. This holistic approach sets Pavewise apart, as they not only provide cutting-edge technology but also offer the support and expertise necessary for successful implementation.

Looking ahead, Pavewise is dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation in road construction. They plan to expand their software platform to encompass additional features and functionalities that address the evolving needs of contractors. By leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Pavewise aims to further enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of its solutions.

Additionally, Pavewise is exploring opportunities to expand beyond the asphalt industry. They recognize that their software platform and approach to project management can be applied to other construction sectors, opening up new avenues for growth and impact.

Pavewise previously announced the public release of their software at the 2023 North Dakota Asphalt Conference. Attendees at the event had the opportunity to sign up for a trial and provide valuable feedback. Recognizing the potential of Pavewise, Bryce and Brittany have engaged in discussions with prominent software companies who have expressed significant interest in the product. In pursuit of their vision for success, they have personally met with several of these companies to explore potential collaborations such as integrations, mergers, or expansions

It’s not good to have 60 employees with nothing to do for 3 days on a nearly $30 million project. this helps plan maintenance and other tasks around the weather so the operation is as efficient as possible. we're just trying to assist with that efficiency and ultimately help the contractor build better roads that last longer, equating to fewer tax dollars.”

Bryce Wuori envisions Pavewise becoming a household name in the construction industry, synonymous with efficiency, quality, and innovation. With a strong foundation, a dedicated team, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Pavewise is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and make a lasting impact on the way road construction projects are planned and executed.

“We’re seeing success because nobody else in the asphalt industry is doing this. We’ve found our niche and we’re focusing on quality over quantity. We have a huge passion for this industry. If we can help improve the road systems by making them even 10% more efficient so that they last even 5 years longer, that saves millions of dollars, which is our goal,” Bryce said.

Pavewise is revolutionizing road construction through its innovative software solutions and consulting services. By integrating weather data, prioritizing employee well-being, and collaborating with contractors, Pavewise is driving efficiency and quality in the industry. With a visionary leadership team and a commitment to ongoing innovation, Pavewise is poised to shape the future of road construction and expand its impact beyond the asphalt industry.

A Q&A with Bryce Wuori, CEO of Pavewise

Does your day-to-day life and schedule vary between winter and summer?

What scale of projects is Pavewise currently targeting?

Our target market is asphalt paving contractors on high-profile projects, such as LAX airport. There are a lot of incentives and dollars that could be made or lost on those high-risk projects. We have some clients in Bismarck that are only running 2 or 3 crews with 5 to 10 people on them.

Contractors are using Pavewise as a way to track project location because you can pin your project locations and put in notes regarding material and other aspects of the project. Quite honestly, we’re getting a lot of interest from smaller companies. Those companies don’t have that expert like some of the bigger companies, and we’re more than happy to work with them.

Does your day-to-day life and schedule vary between winter and summer?

Yes and no. In the Midwest with winter, there isn’t much paving going on, but this is the busy time of the year for paving in Texas, Southern Arizona, Nevada, and other Southern states. It’s a nice balance throughout the year since there are busier and less busy times depending on the weather and temperature difference between the north and south. The winters also get busier as we do a lot of conferences and presentations on technologies in the industry.

What made you want to settle in North Dakota and continue Pavewise from the Bis-Man area?

I was born and raised in North Dakota. I’ve traveled and seen other beautiful places, but it just wasn’t the same as North Dakota. We have a lot of great things going on in this community and sometimes you don’t realize that until you get away from it. I’ve been offered jobs all across the country, from California to Boston, and there’s no way that I could leave here.

I always come back here and see how huge the entrepreneurial community is in North Dakota with its programs, state funding, and opportunities to meet with the legislature. There aren’t many other places where you can go up to the capitol and request a meeting with a government official to talk about road conditions.

Did You Know?
Since 2018, Bryce Wuori has been using his past experiences and expertise to bring knowledge to projects spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast as a consultant. During that time, he has also been working on the Pavewise software to track weather and other variables that have been causing issues in paving projects, which ultimately cause quality issues in the road.

How do you and Brittany Juggle a work-life balance? Do you have steps or boundaries that separate work and home life?

Yes, we do. When you’re working on something that you enjoy, it’s more of a dream than a job. I’m around quite a bit. I’ll do these spurts where I work from home for a week, then I’m gone for a week. I try to schedule myself to not be gone too long from the family. Brittany stays and runs the company here when I’m not around and does it very well. We’re very fortunate to have a good team and work well together.

We have four kids and love actively spending time together on trips, such as Disney. We do a lot of things that aren’t normal. For example, we take the kids on vacations, rather than buy them Christmas gifts. When I’m traveling a lot on business, we make it work. I was recently down in Las Vegas for eight days and Brittany came down and joined me for four of them. When I was on another trip, I brought my kids out to Wyoming, so they get to travel and see some of these places as well.

Also, my brain never shuts off. It’s hard not to work sometimes because of constantly thinking about it but you have to find hobbies and things to do. I love volunteering, spending time outside, and biking. One of the bigger reasons that I can’t leave North Dakota is the North Dakota Badlands, which I absolutely love. I go out there for shed hunting and bowhunting, and I’ll bring the kids out to do some camping. We also have a lake cabin where we spend time together and get away from work.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneur hopefuls looking to take that leap as you two did?

I was sitting and spinning for a year, not knowing what I wanted to do or what the next step was. Not too long after, I tapped into the entrepreneur community that North Dakota has and started connecting with other entrepreneurs through events like 1 Million Cups or StartupBREW in Fargo. Once I started connecting and tapping into other entrepreneurs, I found that they were having the same struggles or they had already been through what I’m going through.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can discuss further?

We have some upcoming big contracts both in and out of the region, with some extending to the East Coast. We’re really looking forward to working with local companies, such as Northern Improvement and Dakota Concepts. We’re working with Ajax Paving of Florida, which is the second-biggest paving contractor in the United States, as well as Continental Paving, located in New Hampshire.

What are Pavewise’s main goals and ambitions moving forward?

We’re going to keep building up a team. Currently, I’m acting as the CEO and CTO. We’re looking for a CTO and we’ve had a lot of interest. Hiring a third team member to help with software management will be a major step for us.

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