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People enjoying Folkways' Night Bazaar event at Broadway Square.

Since 2006, Kilbourne Group has been on a mission to revitalize downtown Fargo, North Dakota. As a
vertically integrated development company, Kilbourne has redeveloped historic buildings and turned
parking lots into mixed-use communities full of character, serving as settings for one-of-a-kind
experiences you can only have in Fargo. Creating a blend of retail, office, and residential properties has
infused energy into the downtown core and created spaces designed for all people to enjoy.

A family biking through downtown Fargo, enjoying the improved recreational opportunities.

Downtown Fargo is an 18-hour city, defined by economists as a mid-size city with attractive amenities, higher than average population growth and lower costs of living and doing business than the biggest urban areas.

At its heart, downtown Fargo is a mixed-use, walkable environment that fosters life on the sidewalks for 18 hours a day

Now you can find active tree-lined streets, intersection bump-outs, and bike lanes all serving to slow traffic and create an enjoyable and safe experience for those on foot.

Rich with local arts, creative endeavors, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs, downtown provides a new experience around every corner. Downtown Fargo employees and residents are within walking distance of the city’s finest arts, entertainment, food, offices, and shops.

Downtown Fargo Could Be Right for Your Business!

Kilbourne Group is looking for five new businesses to join the downtown Fargo neighborhood! These five new businesses may also be eligible for construction cost fit-up assistance.

Kilbourne Commercial Real Estate specializes in finding the perfect match between businesses and unique spaces and is welcoming new clients looking to make the move! From small turnkey office space to buildings on Broadway for sale, there is a space for any sized business.

Beer & Fish Company staff welcoming downtown Fargo customers to Roberts Alley.
The Schnase family inside their downtown Fargo business, Replay Games, a family-friendly arcade experience on Broadway
People enjoying downtown Fargo’s Coffee & Cocoa Crawl.

“18-hour cities faired relatively well during the pandemic recession, a testament to their enduring appeal. These medium-sized cities continue to attract in-migration due to lifestyle, workforce quality, and development opportunities.’’

-2023 Emerging Trends Report of Urban Land Institute

Open your second location or new business in downtown Fargo!

Reach out to Mike Peschel, Managing Broker & Commercial Asset Manager, at

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