Women You Should Know: Megan Klassen, Senior Account Manager, Flint Group

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Thriving on the Edge

Dickinson Woman Champions Female Entrepreneurs in the Area

It’s called the Badlands, but for Megan Klassen of Dickinson, it’s been nothing but good.

“I love where I live,” Klassen said. “Being out here on the Western Edge is just good for the soul. It gives me the energy I need to do all the things.”

And it really is all the things. Klassen is a mother first and foremost, with three elementary-age kids. She works as a senior account manager for Flint Group, a Fargo-based marketing agency that also supports Lotus Midwest, a region-wide organization dedicated to strengthening the presence and power of women in the business community. Klassen serves as a friendly face and a wealth of knowledge and support for professional women building their brand in the Dickinson area.

“Before I joined Flint Group, I spent seven years at the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce heading up the marketing and communications department,” Klassen said. “It was exciting to be part of growing our community, creating personal connections with the businesses and people that drive our city forward. Now, I’m thrilled to continue that journey by supporting local business women to our business community in addition through Lotus.”

But that’s not all. Klassen is also an Instagram influencer in her “spare” time, sharing the beauty and wonder of the Badlands with nearly 12,000 followers from all over the world.

“I’ve always had a passion for photography and capturing those moments that are important to a mama,” Klassen said. “We’re an outdoor family, and when you’ve got a backdrop like the Badlands, the shots can’t help but look breathtaking. That beauty and what I like to think of as a humorous, unfiltered view of motherhood resonated with other mamas and things just grew from there.”

Mastering the fine art of saying no

Every working parent understands how difficult the work/family balancing act can be. Klassen admits keeping everything running smoothly with a family, a full-time job and a side hustle is challenging. Her passion for what she does keeps her going and helps her prioritize.

“As the kids get into more activities and my professional and personal responsibilities evolve, planning where I spend my time is an absolute,” Klassen said. “I had to start saying no to things that don’t give me energy. That wasn’t easy. I had to train myself to identify what I consider work and what I consider fun. Sometimes they look very similar, but the energy is totally different. For example, camping seems like a lot of work, but, for us, it’s a chance to recharge and reconnect as a family. I wouldn’t give that up for the world. I also have a passion for small businesses and helping others build their brand. Luckily that has been a part of my ‘day job,’ so it doesn’t feel like work.”

Beyond balance—thriving through passion

It’s not just a question of work vs. fun, though. For Klassen, passion is a key ingredient in her personal recipe for success. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar business or a virtual space, tapping into what you love and being yourself is key to building a successful brand.

“Loving what you do doesn’t just make the work easier, it makes it more authentic,” she said. “I see every day as an adventure, a chance to bring positivity to every moment. That comes through in my work with clients, my social spaces and my interaction with my family. I didn’t set out to be an influencer—Instagram was just a fun platform to share my special family memories. I wasn’t doing anything I wouldn’t do naturally. But people started taking notice. They started asking questions—where are you? What are you wearing? Suddenly, telling my story became telling the story of North Dakota and this wonderful community.”

Creating a community for professional women on the Western Edge

Klassen credits her supportive communities—both virtual and IRL—with the strength to follow her passion and be her authentic self. She’s also happy to provide that foundation of knowledge and encouragement for others in the Dickinson area.

“My door is always open, so to speak,” she said. “I’m happy to answer questions, discuss plans or just be a cheerleader. This community has so much to offer. I’m excited to help local women make their mark.”

You can reach Megan by emailing her, megan.boulger@gmail. com, or messaging her on Instagram @meganboulgerklassen.

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