Entrepreneur Spotlight: Marlo Anderson

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Marlo Anderson

Did You Know?
National Day Calendar has been up and running for seven years in the Bis-Man area!

Fun Fact!
Over 20,000 media outlets have sourced their stories from National Day Calendar!

Marlo Anderson, Founder National Day Calendar

Before 2013, there was no established website that had a comprehensive list of National Days and the history behind them. Marlo Anderson, the founder of National Day Calendar, took it upon himself to lead the charge to change that. National Day Calendar aggregates National Days that are posted on their website and social media, then sent to their email list for all subscribers to enjoy. Through 2.5 years of research, Anderson and his team have built a profession out of celebrating every day. Over nearly a decade, Anderson has picked up on some lessons that he’s learned through experience in his profession.

1. What was your journey like for you to get to the position you’re at today?

It was very long and tedious! However, it was also fun, exhilarating, inspirational and very rewarding.el agency side of the business since the 1980s.

2. Which parts of taking this risk will stick with you forever?

Learning that life, in general, is a risk! Consistency and staying true to the course of action can bring rewards, and finding out the significance that you can have in others’ lives without even knowing them makes it all worth it..

3. What steps were the hardest when taking the leap to start National Day Calander?

The hardest step for me was convincing others that what you are doing is worthwhile.

4. What advice do you have for readers considering taking this leap?

There has never been a better time to start a business. With the availability of research, funding, advertising and much more available because of the internet. The internet is the great equalizer that allows you to inform potential customers at a local scale, or there’s the opportunity to compete globally.

5. What was a typical day in your life like when you were beginning National Day Calander?

There were a lot of long hours devoted to website development, coupled with research, writing, image gathering and posting to share.

6. What made you decide that the Bis-Man area would be a great place to start a business?

I enjoy all that North Dakota has to offer. It’s filled with friendly people, wide open spaces, and four unique seasons. It is truly a magical place to live, work and play..

7. What would you have done differently if you could go back and start again, knowing what you know now?

Of course, there are things that could have been done differently. However, those lessons are what make the business and myself better.

8. What is something you wish more people knew about National Day Calander?

I hope that people realize and picture the impact that we have every day around the world.

9. What is a day in your life like for you now?

Traveling has become a significant part of my life. Whether it’s working with team members in other parts of the country, speaking gigs or making appearances in cooperation with the many National Day celebrations. I’m always looking for better ways to use automation to accomplish more as well.

10. What’s one thing the local business community could do to help National Day Calendar?

We would love to increase the number of partnerships with National Days to drive sales to businesses and overall traffic to our website!

11. Are you looking to expand? If so, how?

Currently, we’re looking at opening destination-type experiential locations to become a go-to to celebrate every day.

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