Go Promo’s Team is Pushing Each Other to New Heights

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The dynamic duo at Go Promo’s Bismarck location!

Mel Garner and Jocey Braunberger, account managers of Go Promo in Bismarck, are having the time of their lives leaving a positive impact on the Bis-Man community. The two employees primarily represent Go Promo’s Bismarck location as the company spreads further across North Dakota. I sat down with Mel and Jocey to discuss how they first crossed paths with the business, the value of client relationships, and more.

Before her introduction to Go Promo, Mel spent several years in the medical field. She grew up alongside Randy Glandt, owner Casey Glandt’s wife, who asked her if she would be interested in joining their team as they expanded west into Bismarck. Mel started shortly after that conversation when she was hired as an account manager for Go Promo.

“It was entirely new to me, but customer service has always been a strong point of mine. I’m extroverted and like to get out in the community, so I knew that it would be a great fit! As the face of Go Promo in Bismarck at the beginning, I was responsible for representing our customer service, authenticity, and integrity that we hold to high standards in our business. Now, I feel like I’m growing as a person by being more brave to get out there and more confident in my knowledge of the field,” Mel said.

“We have some upcoming community events, including a golf scramble! We try to get out and have fun in the community, such as at Chamber EDC events. We’re always looking to take our customers out to lunch and get to know them better. We focus on building a partnership and getting to know our community, so each day is a new adventure.”
- Mel Garner, Account Manager
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Jocey, on the other hand, attended VCSU, where she played golf and studied business with a marketing focus. When she was formerly working at a country club, Casey Glandt’s brother, a customer of hers, mentioned that Casey was looking for a hard worker to join his team and thought that she would be an excellent fit.

Jocey came on as a project specialist at the top of 2022, where she helped account managers, such as Mel, with everyday tasks and picked up experience. Since she joined, Jocey and Mel have grown both Go Promo as a whole, as well as in their professional careers through business experience.

“When I became an account manager in the fall of 2022, I started to take on accounts and have a more hands-on role within the company. When I graduated college, I switched to full-time shortly after. Now I’m pitching ideas, rather than just helping get things done. Plus, Mel and I have become really close; I consider her one of my best friends. Her clients are so lucky to have her! We have a great team culture that anyone would want to be a part of,” Jocey said.

“Jocey’s a young and ambitious go-getter, so we’re just kicking butt and meeting new people in the Bis-Man business world. We push each other to be more productive and at the end of the day, we go home feeling much better about what we accomplished during the day. This can be a competitive field, so it’s nice to work together as a team to come up with the best solution for each customer,” Mel said.

“Our Bismarck office is a little bit smaller than what we have in West Fargo now, but West Fargo’s office took 10 years to develop. Imagine where we can be in just a few years. My customer service and communication skills have grown so much since starting. It’s much easier to make phone calls to potential clients and communicate transparently with clients to make their job easier. It's been a fantastic first year of a real career.”
- Jocey Braunberger, Account Manager
[email protected] | 701.219.7310, ext 712

When working together, no day is the same for Mel and Jocey. Throughout the day, they’re tackling everything from building pop-up stores and fulfilling warehouse orders for their clients, to coordinating t-shirt design requests and putting quotes together for fresh products that are unique to a customer’s specific brand and budget.

As Go Promo expands west, they’re aiming to connect with more people and brands in large and rural communities across the region. “I grew up farming and ranching in a small town in North Dakota, so I’m especially looking forward to expanding our boundaries through farmers and seed companies across the region,” Mel said.Keep an eye out for Mel and Jocey as Go Promo expands further throughout the region.

What is Go Promo?

Go Promo is the BismarckMandan area’s “B2B Promo Powerhouse” that specializes in custom apparel, promotional products, embroidery, screen printing, graphic design, and much more!

While they like to have fun in the office and make each day a memorable one for each other, Josey and Mel have never been more motivated than alongside each other. As they push each other to greater heights in the business world, they’re also pushing Go Promo to new heights as well.

“We try to keep things as positive as possible around here. We’re very lucky to have amazing clients that we work well with. We don’t want it to feel too business-like; we want something that’s very natural for everyone involved. We love to meet the people that we’re on the phone with, take them out to lunch, and get to know them better. We’re always open to connecting with new people and seeing what we can make happen,” Mel said

Client Testimonials

“Go Promo has been great to work with! Mel is wonderful and answers all our requests in the most timely manner, and gets us the products we need quickly. They have helped us with an online company store, warehousing items, and shipping; which makes our lives SO much easier. We definitely appreciate Go Promo and their staff for everything they do.”
- Emily Steffes, KLJ
"Working with Go Promo has been an absolute pleasure. Their team of professionals is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. Jocey took the time to understand our needs and exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend Go Promo highly enough for any business seeking promotional products and exceptional customer care. Jocey has been a delight to work with! "
-Rachael Renaud, Falkirk Mining Company
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