Here’s a Toast to 10 Years of Williquors

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Williquors Celebrates its Decade-Journey in Offering Quality Spirits to Bismarck

Since 2014, Williquors, which is celebrating 10 years of business, has been a local staple in providing the Bismarck area with quality selection in wine and spirits. We sat down with part owner and General Manager Brent Skjerseth to learn more about how Williquors serves the community.

Williquors offers a diverse range of products. A significant draw is their ‘pick six’ beer cooler, where customers have over 200 options to choose from to build their own six-pack.

Recently, they have expanded into offerings like non-alcoholic or low-alcohol options and a variety of organic, low-calorie products. “Our categories and segments in that area have grown exponentially over the past few months,” Skjerseth said.

A Thriving Business Culture

Williquors’ 10 years of success can be attributed to its thriving team culture and low turnover rate among staff. In fact, about 90% of its full-time staff has been with the company since or near the beginning.

Wine to the Nines

With a vast collection and a focus on customer guidance, Williquors aims to offer an unmatched wine shopping experience. While other retailers streamline their product selection, Skjerseth says Williquors, which currently offers over 3,200 wines on their shelves, has the ability to offer a much wider variety. 

Though their wine selection may seem overwhelming at first, that’s where Williquors customer service shines. “That’s why we’re here—to guide them through and help them find that perfect wine for them,” Skjerseth said.

Beyond Retail: Educating Customers

Education has been a significant focus for Williquors. Every month, Williquors holds classes, led by distributors, focusing on various wines and regions. These classes offer customers an educational experience alongside the opportunity to purchase the wines they taste.

This blend of retail excellence, adaptability, and education showcases Williquors’ approach to serving its community over the past decade. These classes are typically announced on Williquors’ Facebook page and are often free to join.

10 Years of Business: Keys to Success

As Williquors approaches its 10th anniversary this December, Skjerseth reflects on the significant milestones that have marked the store’s journey over the last decade. “Obviously, steady sales growth over the years has been a significant milestone, along with getting through the pandemic and adapting to changes during that period,” Skjerseth said. 

Flexibility has been a central theme in Williquors’ success story. “We have the flexibility to bring in new products before other stores and adjust our shelves and floor layout. Our store is very fluid, allowing us to adapt and change with trends.”

According to Skjerseth, being locally owned and operated is pivotal in maintaining excellence in a competitive industry. He also attributes much of Williquors’ success to the trust and confidence the owners place in the team for significant autonomy in decision-making. “We can get our guys together very quickly to pivot to new strategies,” he said. “We all have the same vision and want to see growth in the Bismarck-Mandan area.”

Looking to the future, Skjerseth remains ambitious. “We’re always looking to expand, whether it be in Nebraska, South Dakota, or more in North Dakota. We want to keep a decent footprint within the Midwest, ” he said.

Staying relevant in the industry is a major factor in Wlilliquors’ success. For example, Williquors has the ability to select newly-announced or trending products before they’re publicly available. Once these products are available, management becomes key. “It’s about managing those products, especially the allocated items. We limit purchases to make sure everyone gets a chance to try [new products],” Skjerseth said. Beyond product management, Williquors places a significant emphasis on store presentation, always updating the front-end layout to showcase both new and popular products.

This proactive and responsive strategy in both product offerings and store aesthetics keeps Williquors at the forefront of the industry, continuously attracting customers by offering both the latest products and an engaging shopping experience.

Did You Know?
Celebrity appearances and events have also been significant for Williquors. Forrie Smith from ‘Yellowstone’ has made two appearances, signing bottles of his bourbon for customers and fans.

Williquors storefront, showcasing trending selections and customer favorites.

Providing more than just spirits

In addition to beverages, Williquors also offers accessories such as cigars, which Skjerseth says is a significant part of their business.

Unmatched Customer Service & Expertise

Skjerseth sees the importance of guiding customers in their selections, whether for wine, beer, or spirits. “A lot of people come in looking for a specific type of wine, maybe to pair with a meal, or they need a gift. We lead them to options we know are broadly appealing,” Skjerseth said. He and his team’s hands-on approach ensures customers leave with the right product that they’re sure to love.

“We often get asked about cocktail ingredients,” he said. “We provide them with everything they need for their event to be a success. I have customers who just ask me to pick out their wine because I’ve never steered them wrong. They keep coming back, so it’s working,” he said.

Williquors Core Philosophy

Skjerseth’s core philosophy that defines the store and its relationship with customers is offering the best service and selection in the area—but going also step beyond that, by emphasizing a friendly and familiar atmosphere where customers are treated like family. “A lot of our customers, we know by name and have their loyalty account ready by the time they reach the register.”

The sense of community is a significant aspect of Williquors’ identity. “The community has been great in accepting us, and we just want to serve them the best we can, providing the best service, selection, and pricing,” Skjerseth explained.

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