An Update from Pavewise: Utah Bitumen Deposits

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Bryce and Brittany Wuori

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Utah Bitumen Deposits

Did you know that Utah has some of the largest natural deposits of bitumen in the United States? Bitumen—a substance produced through the distillation of crude oil that’s known for waterproofing and adhesive properties—is viscous, relatively immobile in the rock, and cannot be extracted by conventional oil-production techniques. Utah’s oil sand deposits contain 14-15 billion barrels of measured oil in place, with an additional estimated resource of 23-28 billion barrels. Bitumen, or AC oil, is the glue that binds the materials together and is the key ingredient to the asphalt recipe.

Bryce was able to present at the 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference in Salt Lake City, UT recently on Intelligent Construction and the benefits of utilizing Pavewise’s software solutions. We also had a booth set up with some of Pavewise’s team members to promote the value of our products.

Help Wanted/Asks

  • We’re always looking for connections with state DOTs and Infrastructure Agencies.
  • We’re looking to connect with any paving contractors or asphalt professionals.
  • We are searching for an Intern or part-time Office Assistant. To obtain more info on this job opening, check our website below for more information.

Recent Highlights

Our CTO, Jase, was able to present an update on Pavewise at the StartupBREW Fargo this last month.

  • We attended two more expos this month: the 51st Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference in Denver and the 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference in Salt Lake City.
    • Bryce had the opportunity to present on Construction Technologies and Pavewise at the 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference.
  • Bryce, Brittany, and Jase did a corporate company onboarding this week with one of our biggest companies where we had the opportunity to add over 200+ users to our software.
  • We are working diligently as a team preparing for the SXSW Pitch 2024 event, spotlighting our innovative paving software in the Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability category in Austin, TX next week!
  • We were approved as members of the AGC to receive 50% discounts for shipping expo materials through FedEx. This saved us over $400+ from just one shipping event alone!
  • Bryce was invited to speak at the Montana Asphalt Expo in April on Construction Technologies and Pavewise!
  • Pavewise was approved for the Operation Intern Grant to help cover the costs of up to $4,000 for 4 intern positions between May 1, 2024-June 1, 2025.
  • Bryce was featured in the Startup Hustle podcast that was published recently. He also participated in a podcast with Titans of the Trades on February 29. Links to all podcasts will be put on our website as they are published.
  • We are excited to announce that we have hired a Customer Success Manager for our growing team. Please welcome Ben Griep! We are happy to have him on our team.

Recent Lowlights

  • Great opportunities abound, but it’s crucial to carefully select those that optimize time management and enhance business prospects.
  • The cold and flu season has been among us.

The Product

  • Complete redesign of individual project pages with improved organization and easier navigation.
  • The project page dashboard section is updated with project overviews of days left and the status of project goals and tasks.
  • Revamp of quality goals module (introducing overall and daily graphs).
  • Additional various design/UX updates to the calendar, weather, map, project goals, tasks, contacts, equipment, and mix modules.
  • New “dark mode” for map.
  • Reimplementation of project notifications with email, SMS, and push notification settings customizable on a per-project basis.

Upcoming Events

  • 2024 North Dakota Transportation Conference in Bismarck, ND.
  • SXSW Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability Pitch Event in Texas.
  • World of Asphalt 2024 in Nashville, TN.


  • Thank you to Mike Weisbeck for your expertise and strategy support this week.
  • Thank you to Northern Improvement for the corporate Pavewise onboarding session.
  • Thank you to all the UAPA members for the opportunity to present on construction technologies and Pavewise.
  • Thank you to Kyle Houghes with MNDOT for the opportunity to discuss Pavewise with state ideas around technologies.
  • Thank you Jonathan with SXSW for all the wonderful feedback and tips with coaching in preparation for our upcoming pitch event.
  • Thank you to Joey Gilsdorf with Bowes Construction for the invitation to their HQ for onboarding in Brookings, SD.

Brittany Wuori, COO & Bryce Wuori, CEO

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