Livewire’s Journey of Bringing Events to Life for 25 Years

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Livewire's beautiful setup for TEDxFargo 2023

We Do That, Too!

Reaching a 25-year milestone for any company is quite a feat, yet Livewire’s Kent Kolstad has made it look easy, continually leading the way in the live production industry. The founder and president attribute the company’s standout success to its emphasis on consistency and client relationships. What started with an 11-year-old entrepreneur in Alexandria, MN, with a knack for audio systems and PA setups, quickly gained local recognition. “Word got around quick,” Kolstad said, reflecting on his early ventures, ranging from installations to DJing at weddings and schools.

Today, with a team of 45 and growing, Livewire offers a unique approach to client engagement, deeply understanding and aligning with their clients’ missions and messages, and taking on a “we do that, too!” approach to nearly every event opportunity that comes their way. 

“Our team develops great relationships across our client base,” Kolstad said. This personalized touch, he believes, significantly differentiates Livewire in the industry.

Livewire’s strength lies not just in its event production capabilities, which cater to various event types, but also in its commitment to building enduring, insightful partnerships with its clients. “We offer consistency that other companies simply can’t, whether it be in equipment or staffing,” he said.

Tradeshow exhibits, for example, are another key area of expertise for Livewire. “We’ve built many tradeshow exhibits for different clients over the years, traveling to various parts of the country,” Kolstad said.

Further diversifying its portfolio, Livewire has increased its output in custom scenery construction. “This isn’t just about branded backdrops; it’s about creating depth and connection to a brand,” Kolstad said.

A Mission to Keep the World Engaged

"To create dynamic, meaningful, and engaging live event video production that betters our clients, team, and the world."

3 Things You May Not Know About Livewire

1. “We’re a full-time team of 45 people.”

2. “We’re adaptable to almost any event request: if we haven’t done it before, we will find a way to bring your vision to life.”

3. “We are affordable! Many assume that our events cost an arm and a leg. Many of our clients find that we regularly come in well under their budget.”

– Kent Kolstad

Meet Kent Kolstad

Headshot of Kent Kolstad, Livewire
Kent Kolstad, President of Livewire

“Hi, I’m Kent! I’m the President here at Livewire. Livewire is so much more than just an event company; we’re a fullservice audio, video, lighting, and staging scenery company. We provide turnkey event production for corporate events, nonprofit events, and community events, locally, regionally, and throughout the country.”

LIVE at Livewire Black Box for Bobcat
LIVE at Livewire Black Box for Bobcat
Creative Mornings event, Jasper Hotel, Fargo
Creative Mornings event, Jasper Hotel, Fargo
Thrivefest Concert 2023
On stage at Thrivefest 2023

"We're magicians in the world of events."

“Niche Events are our Niche”

Beyond tradeshows, Livewire’s scope extends to corporate, nonprofit, and community events, providing comprehensive support in these sectors. Additionally, Livewire has made a big statement in live music support, running all of the production at The Lights in West Fargo in 2023 as well as their years of experience with mainstage acts at the Red River Valley Fair.

Another niche service Livewire brings to the table is heavy-duty convention power solutions. “Powering all those vendors can be quite tricky, and we have temporary power solutions that we utilize for live events that are a great fit for exactly that purpose,” Kolstad said. This capability has been invaluable to events like Folkways’ Red River Market.

“Niche” describes a lot about Livewire’s client base. We’re seeing a lot of fairly niche-related events,” Kolstad said. From sustainable aviation fuel to bank automation and equipment finance, Livewire is becoming a go-to for those in unique, specialized fields.

This trend marks a departure from more generalized event content, indicating a growing demand for focused, in-depth explorations of specific topics.

By embracing these specialized events, Livewire continues to demonstrate its capacity to adapt and excel in an ever-changing event production landscape.

Key Milestones

Some of the milestones and highlights that have shaped Livewire’s journey are its notable achievements and strategic partnerships, positioning it as a key player both nationally and internationally. In recent years, Livewire began working with prominent companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for virtual and hybrid events.

The company’s success is deeply rooted in its origins here in Minnesota and North Dakota, which Kolstad credits for its unique position in the market. He also emphasizes the crucial role of networking in Livewire’s growth, with significant support from the Fargo Moorhead community.

Creating a Lively Team Culture

A defining aspect of Livewire’s success is its commitment to its staff, contrasting the industry norm of relying heavily on freelancers. “Our people make the difference: one could have all the best equipment in the world, but without the right people in the right seats, making connections between our technology, our creative, and our clients, it’s worthless.” This approach has resonated with clients, especially in the North Dakota market, where Livewire’s reputation is well-established, as well as across its national client base.

Even clients notice how well Kolstad empowers his team, often noting how the Livewire team acts like owners of each event, making sure every detail is perfect.

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