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Deidre Hillman and 13th Hat is Helping Organizations Make Their Events A Success

Founded by Deidre Hillman in 2021, 13th Hat was born to serve the returning demand for community events in Bismarck-Mandan post-pandemic, and now serves clients statewide. During COVID, many businesses were halting their events, due to restrictions on gatherings. Once the world began to settle back into its familiar state, the events scene had changed; staff shortages and budget cuts meant many local businesses were no longer doing events—Deidre saw this as an opportune moment to begin 13th Hat—a culmination of her entire portfolio and career experience in project managing.

“I wanted to leverage on [the current staff shortages] and become an extension of organizations much like a project manager,” she said. With this approach, Hillman can partner with any size business and assist in a variety of event styles from ribbon cuttings, open houses, and staff retreats, to large community-type events, including fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, and more.

About Deidre Hillman

Bowman, ND, native Deidre Hillman holds an impressive resume of experience. Prior to founding 13th Hat, she was a state director for a local nonprofit and has worked in a variety of roles throughout her career from human resources to safety compliance. Outside 13th Hat, Hillman serves on the Dakota Zoo board, is a coordinator for the MakeA-Wish Foundation, and co-founded the Bismarck Mandan Power of 100. Hillman is a John Maxwell Leadership Trainer and certified coach. Beyond her professional life, Hillman loves spending time with her husband, Matt, and their daughter, Harper.

Why ’13th Hat’?

With over 20 years of event planning experience, Hillman understands a successful event relies on several moving pieces all coming together. “I always say, you’ve got to wear a dozen hats at all times. I’m thinking about the guest experience, the vendors, making sure the keynote speaker is on time, and more,” she said. “I’m constantly juggling all these hats, so my pitch to my clients is that you can hire us to wear all dozen hats, and we’ll also wear the ’13th hat’ the day of the event.”

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Clients can utilize 13th Hat for as much or as little as they wish. If your event requires a lot of heavy lifting and involvement, Hillman is there to successfully manage every moving piece; alternatively, if you’re looking for someone to wear just one hat for a single aspect of your event, Hillman is there to help assist—no aspect of your event is too great or small for 13th Hat. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all hat, Hillman listens carefully to your needs, curating a plan that is tailored specifically for your event.

"We're very good at helping the client identify the goals of their events -- even if it's their 10th time doing an event, their goal could be different -- and then helping them stay true to those goals throughout the planning and execution of the event."

New Service: Event Planning Training

One of the primary advantages of working with 13th Hat is that it’s modeled to serve two different sectors: corporate event planning and leadership training, a new service Hillman offers clients, which includes leadership development, training, and coaching services. Because of her rich background in leadership programs and being a certified leadership coach, Hillman can train your team to excel and be a greater asset to your organization and the community by following an effective and impactful program that she formulated.

“What If I Want to Hire You But You’re Already Booked?”

This is a frequent question that Hillman has received many times— and it led her to design one of her most outstanding and valuable resources yet—The Ultimate Experience Checklist. This program is a resource any organization can follow to execute a successful event on their own, following a tried-and-true system that Hillman carefully formulated.

“Clients will have the ability to go to our website, download the checklist, and then they’ll get additional tools that will be downloadable or hire us for that training,” Hillman said. “This new service allows us to build out an event package that our customers can download, access the tools, and incorporate them into their own workplace.” Think of it as a wedding planner checklist but for your corporate event.

Check out some events 13th Hat has helped orchestrate!

How 13th Hat Made My Event, ‘Night for the Stars’ A Success

A Testimonial from Michelle Walker, Foundation Director of CHI St. Alexius Bismarck

“We were working on resurrecting a large-scale fundraising event that had been very popular pre-pandemic. However, I was new to the organization and had never attended the event myself. Additionally, none of the staff that had worked on the event still worked for the organization so all of those files and knowledge were lost. It was kind of like starting from scratch with just the event name.

Having 13th Hat assist us from start to finish was a Godsend. Deidre’s strength is her communication. From the first meeting, it was evident how incredibly organized she was and she had mapped out the entire game plan from start to finish.

Deidre is a joy to work with and is an advocate for her clients—she knows her industry well and has so many contacts throughout the community who really respect her. It adds another layer of credibility to what she does.

13th Hat takes so much of the stress out of event planning! It allows you to enjoy your event and your guests without worrying about the details because they have everything taken care of.”

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