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By Allie Maciej
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Dickinson Woman Follows Passion for Business Ownership

If you’re all in on your life and goals, making a permanent change is easier. When you realize that you have the potential to change your life and you feel compelled to do so, it is important to trust your gut and work hard at your goals to show up for what matters. “So many people are only halfway in,” said Kari Dunn. “Whether that’s with a company, employees, or even hobbies.”

Sometimes we must follow our own advice. Kari Dunn felt like she wasn’t all in on her life goals and that there was more she could be doing for her community and herself, so she took the leap and moved on from a decadeslong financial career and, like the name of her company states, went all in to open All In Development Company. Dunn realized that giving her all meant moving beyond financial advice to businesses and leadership coaching that empowers individuals and teams with strategic and collaborative solutions to reach their full potential.

Kari Dunn, Founder & CEO of All In Development Company

Go All In on Your Life!

Crunching the numbers

Dunn always had a respect for numbers and helping businesses pursue profits. This led her to seek a bachelor’s degree in business management and employment in the financial services sector as a young woman. She found a home in the banking world, working her way up through the system from a management intern at Bank of the West all the way to overseeing business development for the Western Region in private banking at Bravera. Along the way, she had an opportunity to develop a passion for leadership training and development.

“I got placed into a supervisor role at a really young age,” Dunn said. “I think we’ve all seen where someone gets put into a supervisor or management position just because they’re good at what they do, not because they’re good at managing people. It can be overwhelming. For me, it sparked a passion for helping those up-and-coming supervisors, managers, and leaders with accessible training and the tools to make sure they have open lines of communication.”

While she may not have been, by her own definition, all in, Dunn found satisfaction with her career and personal life by following her passion. She was helping her team, and her clients think strategically. Outside of her day job, she found opportunities here and there to apply her coaching and leadership skills to benefit the Dickinson community. However, when her mother’s health deteriorated, Dunn found that even being most of the way in still left a lot of room for improvement.

“She suffered from COPD and congestive heart failure,” Dunn said. “Taking care of her, I realized how important every day is. She kept telling me how she wished she’d done more and how life goes so fast. I got a heavy feeling about how I’m in my early 40s and if I don’t go all in now, when am I ever going to be able to do it?”

Going all in

When Dunn decided to go all in on her new enterprise it meant that she would start to use her networking and leadership skills to communicate with others and not give up. With her years of experience as a consultant and strategic planner, she was excited to help clients of any size live their full potential with empowering, motivating, and collaborative coaching that is meant to improve the culture of a workplace.

“Professionals should start bouncing ideas off each other, mentoring, and helping each other do well instead of establishing a hierarchy of fear and competition,” Dunn said.

With this new outlook, Dunn works to help employers bridge communication gaps. She teaches managers to look for ways to utilize the fast pace of the younger generations to help businesses continue moving forward.

“If I help empower people at all levels within the business, those employees are more all in with the company,” she said. “In turn, they go home and they’re more motivated. They’re better parents, right? Like the circle of life,” explained Dunn.

Reaching 100% potential

Dunn will be the first to tell you she doesn’t have it all worked out, but she’s excited to be making her dream a reality and supporting a wider part of her community.

“Life is constant learning and it’s okay to have no idea what you are doing,” she said. “It is normal for everyone at least once if not more, to question what you want to do.”

An important message for everyone. Whether you’re 25, 38, or 50, you need to start by choosing what you love to do and be all in on your goal. Even if that means forging a new path.

“There is never a right time because the time is NOW,” Dunn said.

Take the next steps

If you’re ready to take the next steps and be all in, connect with Dunn and her team at allindevelopmentcompany.com

She also encourages those starting on their entrepreneurial or leadership journey to connect with the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce through the Develop Dickinson program, which has an event coming up in October.

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