Halberstadt’s is Going Above and Beyond in Bismarck

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Halberstadt’s in Bismarck proudly aims to have every one of their customers leaving their doors satisfied with their wardrobing experience. The locally owned and operated full-service men’s store holds the customer’s expectation of experience with the highest of priorities, as great word-of-mouth and customer service are some of the many qualities that bring customers back to Halberstadt’s time and time again.

We connected with Alex Dahl, co-owner of Halberstadt’s Bismarck, where we discussed a standard shopping experience at Halberstadt’s, how they’re setting themselves apart from the competition, the latest products on the market, the benefits of being a long-term client, and much more.

"Our staff wants to make sure each customer feels welcomed and comfortable in our stores. We listen to the customer's wants and needs based on the occasion they are getting dressed up for in order to curate a look that is unique to them."

The Halberstadt’s Shopping Experience

In this Halberstadt’s Shopping Experience, notable businessman and frequent customer Chad Wachter stopped by for a fitting. During Wachter’s shopping experience, Dahl walked him through step- by-step to ensure that he felt comfortable, welcome, and confident.

Anyone’s first wardrobing experience at a men’s store new to them can be intimidating. The team at Halberstadt’s recognizes that, as there are precautions every step of the way to emphasize their care for the customer, whether they’re a first-time or seasoned customer.

Choosing items based on the customer's needs

Listening to the Customer’s Needs

At the beginning of any customer’s wardrobing experience, they want to ensure that each and every client feels heard by one of their team members. Whether you’re shopping to plan for a wedding, or just looking to add to your casual everyday style, a Halberstadt’s team member will work alongside you every step of the way.

Longtime customers have the added benefit of an in-depth connection with one of their devoted team members. As they’ve grown with you, they’ve come to learn your sense of style and what works best for you.

Trying on items for fit
Recommending additional secondary items

Finding the Proper Fit

A Halberstadt’s team member will then take the customer’s fitting measurements to find the perfect fit, no matter the occasion. Ensuring comfort during any occasion is one of the highest priorities for Halberstadt’s, as feeling comfortable is one of the key traits to looking confident.

One of the many benefits of developing a connection with a Halberstadt’s team member is knowing a customer’s measurements. While they always want the most up-todate measurements to ensure that only the most accurate of styles are leaving their doors, they’ve formed a connection with the customer over time and have developed that connection.

Showing the customer how to wear
Measuring for alterations as needed.

Item Recommendations

After all measurements are taken, a Halberstadt’s team member will begin recommending items based on the occasion, fit, what’s trending, the client’s personal preferences, and more. The items recommended to you take many factors into consideration, including budget, style, and more.

For any long-term customer that has grown that bond between team member and client, the experts at Halberstadt’s know what you like, as well as what you don’t like. After having gotten to know you, they can avoid recommending products that aren’t in line with your taste, or showcase new products that may be just the thing for you.

Putting the full look together

Recommended Add-Ons

Lastly, the team at Halberstadt’s will showcase and recommend any other additional items that may pair well with the style and fit currently selected by the customer. It could very well be the “cherry on top” to enhance your wardrobe and take your outfit to the next level.

With longtime customers, they may have already found these additional items, as Halberstadt’s team members have previously learned about your personal taste and style preferences. That deep-rooted bond allows for an improved experience that comes with knowledge.

Why does Halberstadt’s aim to develop long-term connections? 

We enjoy seeing familiar faces. This allows us to build on a customer’s wardrobe and get a better idea of the items that worked and performed well for them. We see lots of brand loyalty where a customer has purchased a specific item and wants additional colors in the same category because of the fit and feel.” 

Alex Dahl, Co-Owner of Halberstadt’s Bismarck

Hot Products at Halberstadt’s This Season

Check out some of Halberstadt's latest product offerings for this summer's sharpest styles! Halberstadt's carries brands including Hart Schaffner Marx, Johnston & Murphy, Peter Millar, Paige, and many more.
  1. Johnston & Murphy shoes
  2. G/FORE vests
  3. G/FORE Snapback Hats
  4. Peter Millar polos
  5. Peter Millar quarter zips
  6. 7Diamonds pants

How is Halberstadt’s setting itself apart from the competition?

 “Our stores always want to stay current and on-trend with the market. We want to have core items in the store that a customer should always have in their closet but want to incorporate things that are more unique and not always on their mind when they come shopping. We always listen to our customers and ensure they are taken care of because they are the reason that we’re here.” 

Alex Dahl, Co-Owner of Halberstadt’s Bismarck

Stop in to visit one of their two great locations and experience everything Halberstadt’s has to offer. Available in downtown Bismarck and in the Kirkwood Mall.

Halberstadt’s Downtown

Phone: 701.751.0191
Website: halberstadtsbismarck.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: HalberstadtsBismarckDowntown
Address: 508 E Main Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501

Halberstadt’s Kirkwood Mall

Phone: 701.751.1930
Website: halberstadtsbismarck.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /HalberstadtsKirkwoodMall
Address: 630 Kirkwood Mall, Suite #185 Bismarck, ND 58504