An Update from Pavewise: Bridging The Workforce Gap

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Bryce and Brittany Wuori

An Update from Pavewise

Step into the fascinating world of Pavewise, an up-and-coming asphalt software startup that’s on the path to success! In this monthly feature, we’ll be right there alongside Pavewise, cheering them on as they grow and face various challenges.

From their victories to the obstacles they encounter, we’ll witness it all. Get ready to be inspired by their journey as they strive to make a difference in the asphalt industry. Join us as we explore their exciting story and how they navigate their way to the top!

Bridging the Workforce Gap

Paving the Future with Smart Solutions!

Did you know that the construction industry averaged a whopping 349,000 job openings per month in 2023? As we step into 2024, the future of the workforce is in the spotlight, with projections indicating a need for an extra 546,000 workers this year to meet industry demands, according to ABC.

But fear not! Enter Pavewise, your superhero in the world of paving software. Our smart solutions, developed to complement users, make them up to 23% more efficient with tasks and identifying potential risks. They aren’t just about efficiency; they’re the key to filling the void in today’s workforce shortage. Get ready to pave the way to a brighter future with Pavewise!

Pavewise’s web-based software maximizes productivity and improves project quality, resulting in increased incentives and profits for paving contractors. Variables such as weather, project specifications, and equipment operations impact every paving project. By efficiently managing project variables and integrating paving solutions, Pavewise develops a strategy for success for every paving project.

In 2023, Pavewise successfully assisted in managing over $13 million in paving projects across the United States.

We are the first intelligent construction software built for improving asphalt paving efficiencies and profits.

Help Wanted/Asks

  • Always looking for connections with state DOTs and Infrastructure Agencies.
  • Looking to connect with any paving contractors or asphalt professionals.
  • We are searching for an Intern or part-time Office Assistant. To obtain more info on this job opening, check our website here:

Recent Highlights

We are so excited to officially announce that Pavewise was selected as a finalist at the SXSW Pitch 2024 event, spotlighting our innovative paving software in the Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability category. Among 670 entries, we are one of 45 chosen to present at SXSW from March 8-16 where we will be able to showcase our software’s impact on the paving industry.

Bryce and Michael had another busy month of expos/events. We had booths set up at the DAPA 2024 Conference in South Dakota, National Pavement Expo in Florida, and Pave/X in Texas.

Key takeaways:

  • Pavewise is applicable to other verticals outside of asphalt paving including: Concrete, Dirt, and Municipalities and DOTs (i.e. patching crews and other maintenance activities).
  • The QC area is in need of some help; we are working on creating some tertiary solutions for that space and offering a more comprehensive solution for small to midsized crews.
  • We learned about more software solutions available and confirmed that NONE of them are accounting for weather in their solution.

Pavewise is working on new MSA for contracts with customers.

Bryce was invited to Washington, D.C. to meet with Instrotek and Granite Construction to discuss 2024 partnerships with Pavewise, Inc.

Aaron, our full-stack software engineer, spoke at Full Stack Fargo about how to use AI in the software developer’s workflow.

We have developed a partnership with Asphalt Pro Magazine to continue providing paving articles, tips, and data content for readers.

Bryce was featured in the First Customers podcast that was published recently. He also participated in podcasts with Thriving Entrepreneur on 1/29 and Side Hustle City on 1/31. Links to these podcasts will be put on our website as they are published.

Recent Lowlights

  • Introducing a product with a new concept that is new to a specific market takes time to develop trust with customers to prove the value of the product.
  • Changing industry behaviors can take a lot of energy in training and exposure.

The Product

  • Improved radar history on the project dashboard.
  • Finalized the new File Upload management system, allowing for bulk file uploads, custom file categories, and a new Files section to enable users to find and manage any company file in a single location.
  • Reduced tech debt in both frontend and backend systems.
  • An updated project page for improved organization and efficiency is in the works!

Upcoming Events

  • Pave X 2024 in San Antonio, TX
  • 51st Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference 2024 in Denver, CO
  • 2024 Utah Asphalt Conference in Sandy, UT
  • 2024 North Dakota Transportation Conference in Bismarck, ND
  • SXSW Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability Pitch Event in TX (Newley Added!)
  • World of Asphalt 2024 in Nashville, TN
  • 2024 Dirt World Summit in San Antonio, TX


  • Thank you to Jonathan Ha at Microsoft for being an awesome SXSW coach!
  • Thank you to the PaveX group in San Antonio!
  • Thank you Marvin Joules with Blacktop Banter for the hospitality and paving event experience.
  • Thank you to Joelle and Malorie for all your recruiting efforts thus far in helping us find an intern in the Bismarck area.
  • Thank you to the PRO Resources team for your continued guidance and support.

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