A Holiday Update from Pavewise

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Step into the fascinating world of Pavewise, an up-and-coming asphalt software startup that’s on the path to success! In this monthly feature, we’ll be right there alongside Pavewise, cheering them on as they grow and face various challenges. From their victories to the obstacles they encounter, we’ll witness it all. Get ready to be inspired by their journey as they strive to make a difference in the asphalt industry. Join us as we explore their exciting story and how they navigate their way to the top!

When is it too cold to pave asphalt? As the seasons change and the weather becomes colder, contractors must pay attention to specific details when paving asphalt. Asphalt is sensitive to moisture and temperature, and cold-weather paving typically has both of these variables present. So what is the lowest acceptable paving temperature? This depends on each state, but the most common minimum temperature allowed is 35 degrees Fahrenheit with rising ambient temperatures. How do contractors combat these conditions? A few common operational changes that occur during these cold weather paving days includes the following:

1. Ensuring the confinement or covering of transport trucks.

2. Eliminating surplus moisture from the road’s surface.

3. Enhancing on-site operations to guarantee the attainment of quality.

4. Raising plant temperatures or incorporating chemical additives that enable asphalt to endure lower temperatures.

Pavewise’s web-based software maximizes productivity and improves project quality resulting in increased incentives and profits for paving contractors. Variables such as weather, project specifications, and equipment operations impact every paving project. By efficiently managing project variables and integrating paving solutions, Pavewise develops a strategy for success for every paving project. In 2023, Pavewise successfully assisted in managing over $10 million dollars in paving projects across the United States.

We are the first intelligent construction software built for improving asphalt paving efficiencies and profits.

Welcome to the Team!

Steven Brown, Full Stack Developer
Aaron Motacek, Full Stack Enginee
Jase Kraft ,CTO
Michael Howey, Product Manager

Help Wanted/Asks

  • Always looking for connections with state DOTs and Infrastructure Agencies.
  • Looking to connect with any paving contractors or asphalt professionals
  • We want to hire an Intern or part-time Office Assistant to study marketing or business development.

Recent Highlights

  • Our current funding round is COMPLETE! We have successfully secured $1.3 Million in funding to revolutionize the Asphalt Paving Industry! We are so excited for the partnership with our investors for this round and looking forward to further growing the Pavewise company. Our full press release to learn more can be found on our website under “news.”
  • We were selected as a finalist for the 6th Smart Building/Smart Construction Innovation World Cup in Munich, Germany!
  • Bryce was able to be a keynote speaker at the Alaska Asphalt Summit and made some great connections while he was there.
  • We also released an interactive Map Pin Project on our website to allow asphalt paving contractors to pin locations, rep their companies, and join the paving revolution.
  • We are officially members of the Greater North Dakota Chamber and look forward to the connections this opportunity will bring within the ND infrastructure.
  • We officially have a YouTube Channel thanks to our Product Manager, Michael! Go check out our awesome How-To video series for the app provided by Tellwell and be one of the first to like our YouTube channel: @Pavewise
  • Bryce will be starting a 16-series podcast with Kitcaster to further influence the industry. Be on the lookout for these upcoming podcasts!

Recent Lowlights

  • Even with over 1,000 leads in our pipeline, demos, and sales have taken more effort to schedule/close during this time in construction season.
  • With needing to concentrate on upcoming events and expos within the US, we unfortunately will not be heading to Germany 6th for the Smart Building/ Smart Construction Innovation World Cup.

The Product

  • New, Modern Navigation UI for the app: Updated sidebar navigation section for desktop users and updated bottom navigation section for mobile users.
  • New “Read-Only” User Role: Teams can have an unlimited number of read-only users to view their project data, etc.
  • New “Deactivate”/”Reactivate” feature for Team Members: Ability to deactivate/reactivate users on the team.
  • Introduction of Subscription Tiers and Logic.
  • Fixture Validator set up (another code test for our current tests) Pavewise Vision created: Project end date predictor that takes into account project location, time of year, and historical weather data to give truly accurate predictions.
  • Paving Calculators created! Yay!

KPIS/Core Metrics

  • Tons: 105,257 tons of roads were managed through the Pavewise app in 2023.
  • Active Users: 23 active
  • Demos: 67 companies on the demo list.
  • Retention: 100%
  • Pipeline: currently 1,368 leads in the CRM

Upcoming Events

  • Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo & Conference 2023 in Virginia
  • 2023 Florida Asphalt Expo in Orlando, FL (newly added)
  • National Pavement Expo 2024 in Tampa, FL
  • Pave X 2024 in San Antonio, TX
  • 51st Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference 2024 in Denver, CO (newly added)
  • World of Asphalt 2024 in Nashville, TN


  • Thank you to all of our Investing Partners for our first round of funding. We look forward to building the ecosystem that revolutionizes the Asphalt Paving Industry with you!
  • Thank you to Austan with Fargo Patent for working so diligently to help us close our current seed round!
  • Thank you to Amanda for the great connections through the Greater ND Chamber. We are looking forward to staying in touch.
  • Thank you to Kodi for the invite to the Prairie Capital Summit. This was such a great event! Thank you to Steve and Rich for the invite to the Alaska Asphalt Pavement Summit. Bryce had a great time speaking and connecting at this event!